Josephine county Sheriff Gil Gilbertson is currently holding public office while conducting himself in commercial Dishonor. Presently, by law, that means that Sheriff Gilberts...on is UNLAWFULLY HOLDING OFFICE.

There is a COVERUP of this fact of Law, being conducted by JOSEPHINE COUNTY Chief Financial officer/Risk Manager Rosemary De Lashmutt whose Oath of Office also was accepted and challenged.

Ms. DE LASHMUTT is also in Commercial Default and is NOW continuing to hold office while in Commercial Dishonor.

Is it the will of the People of JOSEPHINE COUNTY OREGON to endorse Criminal Behavior (Felony conspiracy to cover up criminal acts of its public officials)? If it is, such criminal behavior by our public officials does bode well for the future of the taxpayers of JOSEPHINE COUNTY.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

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The sheeple don't care because they don't know and it's business as usual.


What luck for the rulers that men do not think."
-Adolf Hitler

Isn't It Time For Sheeple To Step Away From the Herd?

Stupid Amerkin wrote:

Raymond Karczewski wrote:

sa: >   The sheeple don't care because they don't know and it's business as usual.
    What luck for the rulers that men do not think."
    -Adolf Hitler

rk:    The problem is not that they do not think.  It is rather the quality of their thought. They are trained to assimmilate and react in kind, that is known as argument.  Most are not capable of delving  deeper beyond the realm of superficial thought, so such relationships lead to frustration and anger.

rk:      It is most difficult for one who sees to speak the simple truth to those who do not see, for the limitations of the blind take what is said as insults to their intelligence.  They are only seeing their own limitations and they don't like what they see.  That is the prideful  act of self-defense, which keeps everyone divided.  I am viewed as being harsh in my comments.  That is because I speak truth which for most is a tough pill to swallow.  But swallow It one must, otherwise one is sedated and goes deeper down the satanic rabbithole to find a spot wherein which they may find a place of comfort, of security to give them a brief respite from their own conflict.

rk;     My comments to one are never "personal".  for they apply to countless others who suffer from the same spiritual malady.  When I speak to One, I am Speaking to the world.  My words are like rain, they fall upon everyone equally, but they have an infinite variety of responses according to the consciousness which receives them.

rk:    Groups will never be free, Nations will never be free.  For they are all reflective of the Satanically controlled collective consciousness. It is only the one who is open to truth and steps away from the herd that has the possibility of being FREE.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

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